30,000 MINI Cooper SE sold worldwide, MINI brand to be fully electric by 2031

Good news! MINI has sold 30,000 units of the full-electric MINI Cooper SE worldwide. We’re proud to say Malaysia has contributed to a small part of that number.

Currently MINI says more than 15% of its cars are electrified and that includes hybrid cars. Still, good stuff if you’re into electric vehicles.

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably seen some fully-electric MINIs in Malaysia. The MINI Cooper SE was launched in Malaysia last year (August 2020 – 25 units).

Not long after that, 15 units of the “First Edition” were made available, albeit RM20k more expensive.

Its most recent development is a facelifted version that was introduced in June 2021. Cute little electric car.

A brief look at the MINI Cooper SE’s specs….

Battery capacity - 28.9 kWh

Range (WLTP) - 234 km

AC Charging - 11 kW

DC Charging - 50kW

Max. Power output - 184 PS

Max. Torque - 270 Nm

0-100 km/h - 7.3 seconds

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