Go Auto Launches the Higer Ace

What is this?

A commercial vehicle. A van by Higer.


What is Higer?

Higer Bus Company Limited is a Chinese bus manufacturer founded in 1998. The Ace is basically the H6C which you can view on the official Higer website here.


Is it a diesel?

Yes, it is.



What engine is it running?

A 3.0L Turbocharged DK5 Diesel Engine (Euro-3) with Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI).


It is the same 3.0L engine that you can find in a King Long C.A.M. Kingo Van.


 The smaller Kingo by King Long shares the same engine with the Higer Ace

And they are very much related to each other.



King Long Group has three subsidiaries which are:

  • King Long United Automotive Industry Co. Ltd
  • Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd.
  • Higer Bus Co. Ltd.



What transmission do you get?

A 6-speed manual. I believe a 5-speed automatic version is also available for the  HS6. It’s just not something available for the Higer Ace.



How big is this thing?

Overall dimensions are 5990x1880x2335. It is a bit longer than the Toyota HiAce.



How many people can fit in the Ace?

17 passengers and a driver.


How big is the fuel tank?

70 litres


Is a flat-bed version available?

Maybe. But the Ace is marketed as a commercial people carrier. Not a panel van.


What is the price?


OTR Price Including Insurance
Individual PrivateRM150,475.20
Company PrivateRM150,707.20
Bas PekerjaRM155,528.00
Bas SekolahRM151,483.00
Bas PersiaranRM153,905.00


What is so special?

Well, you get sliding doors on both sides of the van. There actually is a 5-speed automatic version available for the Higer HS6 but so far, Go Auto is not bringing in the automatic gearbox for the Ace. An automatic would be handy so most of your staff members would be able to drive the van. However, if fully loaded with passengers, the 6-speed manual sounds like a better option.

There’s ABS and EBD which is a good thing. Go Auto also claims the air conditioning unit is a strong point of the Ace.





We’ve seen a lot of Chinese brand vans being used commercially already - School buses, tourism agencies, and company vans. They seem to be doing alright. Go Auto targets to sell 30 by the end of this year and they already have handed over some units today during the launch. The expected sales for 2019 is 400 units.





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