Volkswagen ID. LIFE concept previews cheap EVs of the future - Is it cuter than the Honda e?

Volkswagen has previewed its concept car, the Volkswagen ID Life that previews what a cheap and affordable EV may look like. Volkswagen aims to launch an affordable EV in 2025.

The VW ID Life is built on the MEB-small platform which is front-wheel-drive only. The earlier MEB platform is capable of RWD and AWD layout, so the MEB-small platform is both smaller and cheaper to produce.

With a 234 PS/290 Nm electric motor, the VW ID. LIFE is capable of a 6.9-second 0-100 km/h acceleration time. It has a WLTP range of approximately 400 km thanks to a 57-kWh battery capacity.

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One rather interesting thing to observe is that with budget as top priority, the most economical layout for a fully-electric car still looks like that of an ICE car. The ID> LIE is front-wheel-drive with the motor and inverter in the front, albeit still with some space for a "frunk".

And as expected of a budget car, the rear suspension is a torsion-beam-type.

Exterior highlights

Volkswagen says the ID. LIFE is a reinterpreted crossover, with reduced complexity and a muscular proportion.

The bonnet and roof consist of a 2-layer air chamber textile that can be removed as required (attached to body with zip fasteners). 

The ID. LIFE’s design is simple and features matrix LED technology for illumination. Further minimalization of the exterior design can be seen in the use of flush door handles and side view cameras.

Interior highlights

The minimalistic design flows into the interior of the Volkswagen ID. LIFE. The calming, home-like atmosphere is also enhanced by the matching look of the seat surfaces and door trims in ArtVelours Eco and the colour Mistral, along with decorative stitching in Ceramique.

The interior is also multi-functional, providing a comfortable space for the following activities:

  1. Excursions of four people
  2. Transporting long objects
  3. Online gaming
  4. Relaxing
  5. Sleeping

The rear seat backrest can be moved into a more reclined position for relaxing, allowing the occupants to sit in a particularly comfortable position. 

The backrests of the front seats can also be folded fully forwards. 

Thanks to its great variability, the interior of the ID. LIFE can also store large sports equipment such as surfboards and other items up to 2.25 metres long

The rear bench seat can be positioned vertically so that bulky objects can be loaded through the rear doors and stowed transversely behind the front seats.

Main storage compartments in the VW ID. LIFE are

  1. 108-litre storage under the luggage compartment floor
  2. 68-litre storage compartment under the front cover
  3. 8-litre storage compartment for charging equipment.

All-around, the VW ID. LIFE uses recycled and sustainable materials wherever it can – recycled wood chips, silica from rice husks, vegetable resins, and recycled rubber.

Volkswagen is also pursuing the vision of integrating the vehicle in the domestic energy cycle as well as the power grid. Not only can the high-voltage battery be charged with energy from the power grid: it can also feed this energy back into the house (vehicle to home) or into the power grid (vehicle to grid) as needed.

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