Toyota to launch new Hybrid car in Malaysia- Hybrid Toyota Corolla Cross coming soon?

UMW Toyota has announced that it will launch new hybrid car(s) in Malaysia, in-line with its recent investments in hybridisation. Based on the promotional images used, it seems the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is on its way to Malaysia.

The Toyota Corolla Cross is already available in Thailand and Indonesia. The petrol-version of the Toyota Corolla Cross was launched in Malaysia in March 2021.

Petrol-powered Toyota Corolla Cross

A countdown timer is posted on the company’s official website, which is set for 14 October 2021.

While some manufacturers jump straight to electric vehicles, Toyota believes hybrid cars are key to the move towards electrification.

Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor, Akio Takeyama said, “For the immediate future, we are absolutely positive that the HEV is the most accessible and realistic choice for Malaysian customers in terms of practicality and infrastructure, with an enormous potential in Malaysia. It is a realistic bridge towards vehicle electrification while efforts are still being undertaken to help realize enablers for BEV, such as cost reduction, energy mix improvement and infrastructure development.”

“Toyota HEVs are at their most advanced today, and presents itself as the most realistic, immediate, economical and practical solution for mass market production and sale in terms of reduced CO2 emission, practical usage, and price acceptance by customers.”

“It also requires no new infrastructure to be built, for instance charging stations, the vehicle does not need to be charged and it completely eliminates any anxiety users may have in terms of limited driving range,” he added.

Toyota’s recent and future investment in battery development and supply will support the brand’s aspirations moving forward as it revised its global sales target of electrified vehicles from five million to eight million units by 2030.

Toyota’s Dual-Power Hybrid System combines a highly efficient petrol engine with two electric motors.

It has been designed as a reliable and future-proof vehicle, offering less fuel costs, greater controllability and instant torque, and an environmentally-conscious alternative in line with the company’s aspirations of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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