Hyundai & Rimac build Hyundai Vision FK prototype - 679 PS hydrogen hybrid, 600km range

Hyundai has previewed the Hyundai Vision FK prototype during the "Hydrogen Wave" forum today.

The Hyundai Vision FK Prototype is a hybrid of hydrogen fuel-cell EV (FCEV) and a rear-wheel-drove plug-in EV system.

Still shown in camouflage, Hyundai says it is capable of a 500 kW (679 PS) power output and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of less than 4 seconds.

Very little detail is shared at this stage, although it is mentioned that the Hyundai Vision FK has a range of more than 600 km.

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The powertrain is a rather complex one, as admitted by Albert Biermann, President & Head of R&D Division at Hyundai. He says, “I have to admit, that the Vision FK Prototype is a bit of a technical overkill but it is an exciting challenge for our ambitious engineers. The packaging situation is extremely complicated.

So, we decided to collaborate with Rimac Automobili in which Hyundai Motor Group invested in in 2019.”

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The power electric system is developed with Rimac, while Hyundai’s high-performance engineers took care of all other systems in the Hyundai Vision FK Prototype.

Hyundai hints that the powertrain technology from the Hyundai Vision FK Prototype might be used in future motorsports endeavors and may find its way into high-performance production models from Hyundai.

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