Hyundai “Fuel Cell e-Bogie” concept unveiled – Will this self-driving trailer threaten our jobs?

Hyundai Motor Group has presented its idea of a hydrogen future today at the “Hydrogen Wave” forum. One interesting concept presented is the "Hyundai e-Bogie" which is a hydrogen-fuel-cell autonomous commercial vehicle or "trailer drone".

The e-Bogie’s design is modular and can be used in several configurations. Mainly presented as a trailer driver, the e-Bogie can also be used as a rescue vehicle, construction vehicle, and many more business applications.

Hyundai e-Bogie as rescue vehicle

Two e-Bogies can be used to carry one trailer, providing maximum maneuverability. Otherwise, each bogie can also be used to carry smaller containers in the ‘cluster mode’. Both front and rear axles of the e-Bogie are able to steer.

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'Cluster' mode

Without the need to accommodate passengers, the chassis of the e-Bogie’s chassis is packed with its hydrogen fuel-cell system.

Speaking of the e-Bogie, SangYup Lee, senior vice president and Head of Hyundai & Genesis Global Design said, “we had to think, completely differently and consider the modularity needed to cover a vast network of the value chain”.

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"Double-Bogie" configuration

He adds, “The e-Bogie is really more like a smart robot than a traditional car”.

The term “Bogie” originates from the rail industry which simply refers to the rail bogies or wheel sub-frames that sit under every train car.

With the number of intelligently packaged hydrogen tanks tailored to the journey profile, the flexible and efficient Trailer Drone ensures more than 1,000km of sufficient range from a single charge, comparable to existing container transportation systems.

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