ABB launches world’s fastest EV charger- full charge in 15 minutes or less!

ABB today has launched the fastest DC charger in the world, the ABB Terra 360. The new Terra 360 is a 360-kW modular charger which can simultaneously charge 4 cars with dynamic power distribution.

By dynamic, it means you don’t have to wait if somebody is already charging ahead of you. The ABB Terra 360 will cater to your car’s needs accordingly – either a fast charge or just a top up.

At its best performance, the Terra 360 can fully charge a car in 15 minutes or less.

ABB claims the Terra 360 is the world’s fastest charger with a 360-kW rating.

As of now, a charging unit that can rival the Terra 360's charging speed is the 350-kW charger that was the result of collaboration between VW Group and Electrify America. At its best, the 350-kW charger could fully charge a car in 20 minutes or less.

350 kW DC charger at Audi Forum in Ingolstadt

350 kW DC charger at Audi Forum in Ingolstadt

The ABB Terra 360 will be available in the European market by end of 2021. In 2022, the Terra 360 will be made available in USA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions.

Terra 360 chargers are fully customizable. To personalize the appearance, customers can ‘brand’ the chargers by using different foiling or changing the color of the LED light strips. There is also the option to include an integrated 27” advertisement screen to play video and pictures.

The Terra 360 delivers speed and convenience along with comfort, ease-of-use and a sense of familiarity.

Its innovative lighting system guides the user through the charging process and shows the State of Charge (SoC) of the EV battery and the residual time before the end of an optimal charge session.

With its small footprint, the Terra 360 can be installed in small depots or parking lots where space is at a premium.

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