Since the first automaker that we decided to visit was Volkswagen, we landed in Hannover and booked an Airbnb in Meinersen. After seeing the car collection of our Airbnb host on the first day, we were ready to see more.

From our accommodation, Autostadt was only a 40-minute drive away. Parking costs us €6.00, the entrance ticket was €15.00, and the Car Tower Tour costs €8.00. 

The first place we went to was the visitor centre to get our tickets. Here we were greeted by an array of Golfs from the MK1 to the MK8. I’ve only ever driven the Golf GTi MK7 for like 3 minutes at Malaysia Autoshow 2018, and I quite liked it.

Unfortunately, there will be no E Golf version on the MK8. You would have to get the ID3 if you want an electric mid-sized hatchback by Volkswagen. Before we go on, I'll just point out that "Autostadt" just translates to Automobile City.

 Volkswagen's ID3:

The ID3 is slightly bigger on the inside compared to the Golf

The Car Tower

Volkswagen’s car tower is something unique. Whether or not it really helps in terms of logistics is a different topic. What it does effectively though is get people interested and talking about it.

The cars at the tower are ready for pick-up by the owners. This means they don’t stay for longer than 24 hours inside the tower. Each tower is capable of storing 400 cars.

There are no human workers in this area. Brands of cars that are stored in the car tower include Volkswagen (obviously), Seat (a Spanish brand owned by VW), and Cupra (a sub-brand of Seat).

When you take the car tower tour, they will take you for a ride in one of the car boxes so you could get good view of the entire operation. The cars are all parked and are moved around with the help of sliding tracks.