Gearing Up for Art of Speed 2019 Invitational Build Off

You already know what Art of Speed is. 2019 will mark the 8th instalment of the custom culture event that was first held at the Publika in 2012. In 2012, the event mainly featured custom bikes. Throughout the years, Art of Speed expanded into the local custom car culture and by 2018, it was easily the biggest custom car culture event in Malaysia.

This year, Art of Speed brings something new to the show – the invitational build-off for cars. If I’m not mistaken, only 7 or 8 garages have been invited for the build off.


So, what do we have here?

This is Carazee Artwork's work for the build off.


What car is that?

That’s a Nova Sterling.

What is a Nova Sterling?

A component/kit car that fits on the floor pan of the classic Volkswagen Beetle designed by Sterling Sports Cars, America.

Is it a sports car?

It depends how you build it. The Nova Sterling is basically a Volkswagen Beetle. It has air-cooled flat-flour engine and all-around drum brakes. It is a cool looking car that will turn heads, but don’t expect blistering speed with the Nova Sterling unless you opt for a more powerful engine and better brakes.

What are Carazee Artwok plans for the Sterling?

Well, it might be blue. That’s all we’d like to share for the time being.


What’s under the hood?

That has not yet been decided. Originally the Nova would have a flat-four from VW. You could also opt for a Subaru flat-four. But the engine choice is yet to be decided for this build.

How much does a Nova Sterling cost?

One was sold for 5,400GBP at an auction in UK. It was in mint condition.


Is there a lot of work to be done?



What can we expect to see at Art of Speed 2019?

Some really cool builds. You never see the same car twice at Art of Speed so we’re excited to see what will be brought to the table this year. We wish Carazee Artwork all the best with their build!

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