Cars of Malaysia’s First Ever Media Invite – Grab Announces “Better 365 Campaign”

Today was a new experience for Cars of Malaysia as we received our first ever media invite (hopefully not the last) by Grab Malaysia. It was an honour for our new little blog. The best and most humbling experience for myself was to have the opportunity to introduce myself to Bobby Ang of Evo Malaysia. It was an honour to meet someone who has been in the industry for almost a decade. For the first time in my life I was in the same room with representatives from NST, Sun, and other mediums. It was a truly humbling experience for myself. For everybody else, it was Thursday.

For the time being, Cars of Malaysia won’t be covering so much news. We aim to be a source of honest car reviews, stories of epic car adventures (just a fancy way to say road trips), stories of unique cars & machines, and things that relate to driving. Grab just so happens to be very closely related to driving.

The Gist

What was the objective? Basically, for Grab to announce that they are launching a “Better 365 Campaign” for their drivers. This campaign offers:

  • Better Support
  • Better Earnings
  • Better Tools
  • Better Community

Future plans (coming soon) include allowing drivers to rate the ride/passenger, Daily Cash-out (I believe it is currently weekly), better transparency, video tutorials on improving your earnings as a Grab driver, In-app training videos, and the ability to save your favourite location. All these features are for the drivers.


How does Grab plan to help increase earnings?

By reducing money out from the driver’s daily expenses for fuel, maintenance, food, and maintenance. Hence Grab’s partnership with Petronas, Maxx N Go, Texas Chicken, and the likes. They also announced that they’ve signed an MOU with Perodua so let’s see what happens as the plans roll out. Probably some maintenance package or leasing program.

How will the passenger rating work?

Just like how the passengers rate the drivers, Drivers now have a chance to do the same. We’ve seen some rift on social media on entitled university students giving poor ratings to drivers who drive local cars so this will be interesting to see.

What happens if a passenger gets poor rating?

If being an A-hole is embedded in your genetics, you’ll get banned from the platform.

Will Grab introduce delivery service (like Uber Eats?) to reduce driver down time?


Grab also handed out these VR Headsets.


Thanks again to Grab for inviting Cars of Malaysia.

 Until then.

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