Fastest Electric Car on the Nürburgring? The Chinese NIO EP9


Is this the Toyota FT-1 concept?

No. This is the NIO EP9, an electric hypercar that we came across recently at the Asia GT Festival 2019 in Sepang.



Where did this car come from?

China. NIO is a Chinese Automotive manufacturer. The car has been around since 2016. We were lucky to see it in person at the Sepang Circuit over the weekend.





Is it fast?

Yes. With 4 motors (one for each wheel), it is no surprise that this Chinese hypercar produces a total power output of 1,360hp. The EP9 clocks 6:45.90 at the Nürburgring and has a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds. The figures are quite close to the Rimac Concept One (2.5 seconds). The Rimac also has 4 individual motors at each wheel. The major difference? The Rimac is road legal.




How far does it go on a full charge?

The claimed range is 424km on the NEDC cycle.




How fast does it charge?

45 minutes to reach 80% on fast charging. Alternatively, you could swap the batteries in about 8 minutes. (This will take a team of trained technicians). NIO is one of the few manufacturers who focus on the battery swapping method. The video showcases the NIO EP9 undergoing a battery swap (starting at 3:55)

In the case of the NIO ES8, there is an autonomous battery swapping technology.



What do the batteries look like?

Like this. One on each side of the car. The car will need to be jacked up for the battery to be replaced. The batteries are transported on caster wheels in this picture.



How big is the EP9?

2.2 meters wide and almost 5 metres long. That’s about the size of a Le Mans car. Do remember that the EP9 is not road legal.




How much does it weigh?

1,735 kilograms with each battery weighing 317 kilograms. 36% of the car’s weight is constituted by the batteries.


Is it amazing?

Yes. Although, we didn’t get to see it go all out on Sunday because Prime Minister Tun Mahathir was being driven in it by Jazeman Jaafar. Experiencing 1.44g’s of acceleration doesn’t sound so fun when you’re 93 years old.

What else is there to take note?

Well, having one motor for each wheel provides a lot of space where the drive shafts used to be. This provides the opportunity for some interesting underbody aerodynamics on the EP9. The EP9 also displays some prominent cooling vents for the rear motors.

Interesting car.


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