Classic Cars and Business Opportunities

If you’ve been following our website, you’ll probably notice that we rarely ever do event coverage. That’s because it’s so easy to get an idea of how an event turned out just by looking up certain hashtags related to the event. And Fullerton Concours (Singapore) happened at a time when we started to realise that event coverage wasn’t going to be the main focus of our website. I just happened to have bought my flight tickets before we came to that realisation. We still go to events to enjoy them but we’re not so eager to release updates right after the event. This enables us to enjoy the event a lot better and “be in the moment” as we like to call it.

What was Fullerton Concours D’Elegance like? Well, it was definitely for people who can afford more things than I could. The cars were interesting but out of grasp. These aren’t ordinary cars we use to commute and the performance vehicles at the show were not something you’d thrash around on a usual B-Road. These are the cars you spend more time looking at than actually driving them. And hey, to each their own. I was there out of total curiosity. I’ve checked out local car meets for young car guys, custom car enthusiasts, rally cars, drift cars, retro JDMs, grassroot racing, and even demolition derby style vehicles. It was time for me to see how the wealthy and fancy guys liked to enjoy their cars.

These cars are trophies. You keep them, shine them, and very occasionally drive them. Most classic cars are like jewellery. They’re nice to look at but usually fragile. And the fact that some people really enjoy collecting classic cars provides a lot of business opportunities for specialist workshops, automotive detailers, car interior specialists, body shops, and car brand merchandise (leather jackets, watches, key cases, passport wallets etc.). You can choose to be envious of the people who own these cars or you can choose to use it as an opportunity to make some money for yourself.

Some classic car enthusiasts even go to the extent of fixing things themselves. And guess what? You can sell an entire garage to these guys. These are the kind of guys who would use a torque wrench on their dust caps if they could. When you’re rich and love your classic car, a sloshy spring is described as having ‘character’. When it takes 4 tries to crank the engine, you tell yourself “patience is a virtue”. In a day and age where we desperately try to save time by taking ride hailing apps, shopping for groceries online, and swiping right to find a date, taking your time and buying the tools to fix your own car has become a luxury. The same goes for cooking. People are proud of how much time and money they spent on their classic.

If classics are your kind of thing (and you can very well afford them), go for it. Treat yourself. You’ll be creating a lot of opportunities for related businesses. You’ll also have something nice to look at every time you get home. Just don’t expect to get to drive it so much. In a weird way, buying a classic car can actually be an investment*.

Will I get a classic?
Maybe not. I prefer having something that can be thrashed around and driven hard.


*if you know what you’re doing

By the way, thanks to Leica Singapore for letting me try this Leica while I was there. The photos were not taken with the Leica. 

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