First impressions: 2018 Perodua Myvi 2018

Engine: 1.5L I4 2NR-VE DVVT

Year: 2017

Drive train: Front Wheel Drive

Transmission: 4-speed Automatic

Price (Brand New in 2017): ~RM55,000

So I finally can sit myself down and write about this Myvi that I reviewed in December last year. I’m just gonna title this 2018 Myvi since it is practically the same model. There are so many articles on the new Myvi by various car review blogs/videos that you could also get your information from. We hope to offer you something a little different. 

I’ve been a little busy setting up some things for the future and juggling work and family. Hence the short hiatus on Cars of Malaysia. We’ve also rethought our social media and website strategy so there are some content only available on our website and some content only available on our social media accounts. If you haven’t followed me on instagram yet, here’s my handle - @arif.chan

I’d also like to thank a friend of mine from high school, Bob, who let us have a go in the Myvi test drive car. He even let us go a little bit further than the actual route just so we could get more of a feel of the car. Thank you, Bob. Bob is currently a sales agent at the Perodua Showroom in Sunway. If you need help with getting a new Perodua, you can contact him through his facebook page.

Things You Already Know

You’ve heard about the integrated Smart Tag and the ASA system that makes the car safe for you. It also has full airbags for all model tiers which is excellent. You get I-stop in the top tier models that turns the engine off when you come to a complete stop (I suppose this helps you save a lot on fuel). These are things you’ve probably had shoved in your face on the internet so I won’t really talk about these things.

My First Impression

After seeing pictures on the internet, I did expect the car to be bigger. Something like a Satria perhaps. The pictures of the elongated headlamps and taillamps gave me an impression that this car would crouch a bit more and have bit more of a domineering stance. 

It turns out it only deviates slightly from the dimensions of the previous generation Myvi. It is longer and a bit lower. Just not as much as I thought it would be. Looks wise it definitely looks a little angrier than its predecessors. Does it look like other Perodua cars? Not really, no. But it doesn’t matter. A car brand such as Perodua doesn’t have as much as a heritage as BMW or Porsche so there is a lot of freedom to experiment with the overall look of the car. There is no need to use kidney grills (BMW) or have a car that looks the same for more than 40 years (Porsche 911).

Do I like the look of the Myvi? I think it is decent looking but it isn’t something I’d actually really want to buy. If I were to get a small car, I would go super small - think classic mini cooper or some kei car. That is what I would buy if I was looking for a small car.

It’s also got a bucket load of features, which reminds me of some more expensive hatchbacks I’ve driven before. I shall explain later.

What Is It Like To Drive?

Well we didn’t really get to go fast in the Myvi. Not because the car wasn’t fast, but because we were restricted to a certain route from the showroom. We apologise for that. Hopefully when we’ve built enough credibility, some showrooms will allow us to borrow their brand new cars for an entire day like many experienced Car Websites and magazines. We’re just not quite there yet. But we understand the value of hardwork and patience, so we won’t let you down. #garyvee

What has been changed? The Myvi now uses an Electronic Throttle Control, which was actually not available even in the very recent previous generation Myvi. My family has a Myvi from 2013 and it uses a mechanical throttle. I believe a mechanical throttle is a lot easier to work on and made to be more responsive. I also feel that mechanical throttles tend to be more reliable. It’s just a feeling. The thing I don’t really fancy in the OLD Myvi is that even without your foot on the gas, the car would still lunge forward rather abruptly as soon as you shifted into “D”. You’d have to plant your foot hard on the brake when shifting from reverse to drive to avoid jerking forward.

So what what about the electronic throttle control in the new Myvi? 

It isn’t as delayed as the throttle in the 2017 Persona I reviewed before. 

So that’s good. 

It’s also not as ‘prematurely excited’ as the mechanical throttle in the previous gen Myvi. It’s pretty chill. 

That’s also good.

The steering is also electronic so it feels similar to the previous generation. The only thing left to do to jump on the ‘modernized car’ bandwagon would be to upgrade the 4-speed automatic gearbox to a CVT Transmission. But most regular consumers won’t really notice the difference anyway. So why bother.

Upon getting into the car, I felt like it was trying to be a Mazda 2. It’s just my feeling. It doesn’t have all the features like the Mazda 2 but it’s getting there. And trying quite hard actually. You’ve got the semi bucket seats with red stitches, a push to start button on a very similar position to the Mazda 2 (only more visible), I-stop, and a kind of driver oriented cockpit with the dashboard slightly slanted to face the driver. It really did remind me of the Mazda 2. Just no paddle shift, no control knob for the infotainment unit, and no cushion for your left knee.

Driving wise, it felt more like a Honda City. Fortunately, the automatic gear knob has been moved back down to the floor instead of on the lower dash. I don’t fancy the lower dash position, it feels like you’re driving an MPV.

BTW this angry looking Myvi comes with headlight level adjusters but no all round disc brakes. It’s no performance model. We leave it to the Myvi Movement guys to turn it into one.

Extra Feature: Phone Charger for rear seat passengers

The Future of the Myvi

My gut feeling tells me the Myvi is going to get bigger and more expensive over time. Just like the Honda Civic. It’s not the best name out there (Myvi), but it resonates with a lot of people. Remember when the Civic wasn’t a luxury car? Marketers ride on nostalgia to make wads of cash.

"Started from the bottom now we here"

There’s even a rendering of a crossover Myvi which is really just a Myvi merged with a Renault Captur.

Who knows what can happen next?

I'm thinking Hybrid Myvi.

That is what I think is going to happen next.


It definitely has a better ‘angry face’ than the previous generation. With cars like the Renault Captur being powered by a 1.2 litre turbocharged engine, 1.5 litres seems a little unnecessary in a car this size and for the type of consumers it attracts at this day and age. Unless you want to make it an exhilarating hot hatch (which it isn’t right now). Then by all means, go all out please.

Maybe a V6 or a turbocharged 1.5 Myvi? Something like this V6 Clio?

I would say the Myvi should be the benchmark for entry level cars. And with that, all the other players in the same segment should be at least up to par.

Until then

Can we have a crazy version of the Myvi like this Clio V6?

There's always the first one. Leave a comment!

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