Perodua Toyota Daihatsu Subaru Myvi - 2007 Perodua Myvi Review

This is a 2007 Perodua Myvi. On the day of the review, both the owner of the car and I discovered that it had an overdrive button on the gear knob. Most automatic Toyota cars have a button associated with the shifting of the automatic gearbox and the Myvi is a Toyota. It is indeed a Toyota Passo, a Daihatsu Boon, or a Subaru Justy.

Daihatsu Boon:

Subaru Justy:

Toyota Passo:

What Does An Overdrive Button Do?

So back to our discovery, this is an overdrive button. Located on the side of the automatic gear knob labeled 'O/D'.

By default the overdrive is on. You allow the car to go into overdrive, which is basically going into top gear. When you turn off overdrive, you just don't shift into top gear. When riding a bicycle, you go into overdrive when one rotation on the pedal creates 3 or more rotations at the wheel. That is overdrive. That is top gear. Top gear is for speed, not for torque.

So why bother turning the overdrive off?

3 conditions:

  1. Overtaking
  2. Climbing hills
  3. Towing

So now we know what the overdrive button is for.

What Is The Myvi Like?

Getting into this car was reminiscent of getting into the Kelisa that my dad used to have. Certain parts of the interior are shared with the Kelisa - the electronic side mirror control, foot pedals, ashtray, and the cigarette lighter.

This is the 1.3 automatic version with hydraulic power steering. Newer generation Myvis have Electronic Power Steering (EPS) but personally I feel that it does not do much difference to a car this size. It still feels nimble and easy to drive. It feels like a more comfortable Perodua Kelisa.

Personally, I feel that Perodua's build quality is slightly better than Proton's especially when the Myvi was introduced. Heck, newer generation Myvis even have better interiors than a Nissan Almera. This is probably due to the Toyota/Daihatsu lineage. The steering feels better, the interior is nicer, and there is less vibration than an early 2000 Proton.

Should You Buy A Used Myvi?

If it has been used for track racing, no.

Generally Myvis are a good choice for a used car just due to the fact that so many people drive it. Parts are everywhere and online forums are filled with troubleshooting and reviews from people all over the country. If you just need a car to get you from A to B, yeah Myvi, sure, why not? If you have more money, get a new one.

In short: YES

(just follow the basics of buying a used car or bring an expert to help you)

In 2007, this was new at around RM40,000. In 2017, 2nd hand value is still above RM10,000. The first generation may be more preferred by those who wish to convert their Myvi into a Toyota Passo.

The Most Popular Compact In Malaysia

The Myvi is Malaysia's best selling compact car. It could have been the car that took you to school, took you on your first date, took your mom to the grocery store, or took you to your first job.

The Myvi is often associated with agressive driving, especially the 1.5L versions. Some young men personalize, tune, and maybe even take the Myvi to the track. It could also be the car for the retired man that only drives it to the mosque.

The Myvi could be the 2nd car for the gentleman who lives a stealth wealth life. Middle class families choose the Myvi for their graduating son/daughter starting their first professional job. I could go on listing the various demographics that drive the Myvi but I think you get my point.

The Myvi is for everybody.

Until then

Speedhunters, take note of that windshield sticker.

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