Review: 2018 Perodua Bezza Premium X - Value for money buy

I’m gonna lay it out to you. The Bezza might just be the sedan you need. It’s not the prettiest, not the fastest, or the most comfortable. But it does the job. And if you have more ambitious goals in your life (other than just owning fancy cars), this might just be the car that gets you there.

If you are all of the below:

  1. Young
  2. Ambitious in your career
  3. NEED a car
  4. Don’t have rich parents
  5. Being thrift
  6. NEED a sedan
  7. want reasonable ‘power’

Ignore the looks of the Bezza, swallow your pride, and drive around in a stock Bezza. Don’t even change the rims. Just don’t. Hustle hard, try to be entrepreneurial, travel (for work, sales, and networking), don’t take stupid expensive vacations, and expect minimum reward with maximum effort. Not the other way around. I predict the Bezza will serve you well for 5 years or more. And then hopefully life opens up many more doors of opportunities for your career and your life.


Before we go on, I’ll have to thank Aiman Amran for offering his 1.3 Bezza X for a review during this recent weekend. It’s amazing how Instagram stories can help you ask around for authentic help from people you rarely (or perhaps never) meet in real life. I’ve also received another offer from Mohd Shaza (another kind soul) to test his 1.3 Advance Bezza. We at Cars of Malaysia are thankful for your willingness to help us.



As usual, here’s a quick overview:

Engine: 1.3 L 1NR-VE I4 with Dual VVT-i
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
Tyres: Hankook Kinergy EX 175/65/R14
Price (2018): RM41,890 (as viewed on Perodua official website)

Let’s get straight to the point


There are 5 variants for the Bezza.

Out of the 5, 2 are manual. And I’m going to exclude the manuals because most of us buy automatics.

Out of the 3 automatics left, one is a 1.0L variant. I predict the 1.0 L to be sufficient, but we’re here to test the 1.3L.

The 2 automatic 1.3L variants are either the PremiumX or the Advance. At this point, it’s a matter of personal choice. I’ll go for the cheaper one.

The Premium X comes with a 1.3L, 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with dual VVT-i. And you get a standard 4-speed auto.


Is it the best gearbox out there?

Do I care?

What’s the fuel consumption?
21.0 km/l (claimed test figure on website). Sounds pretty good. The 2015 Honda City  I tried managed 22.2 km/l with very, very economical driving.


Does it handle corners well?
Doesn't matter. That is irrelevant. This is neither a fun car or a driver’s car.

Why should I get this over an Axia then?
Boot space. 508 Litres of boot space. That’s why it looks so weird on the outside. It’s almost the same as the new Persona’s and bigger than the older Persona’s (Gen 2). That is value for money, my friend.


Should you get this over the Proton Saga?
This is a personal choice. You can compare the Bezza X Premium with the Saga Executive CVT. They’re both similarly priced. But I don’t quite like Proton’s CVT and that’s a deal breaker for me. It’s your choice.


Should you get the Advance Bezza?
It costs RM5,900 more. I don’t find any appeal in most of the added features, but the Vehicle Stability Control, Brake Assist, and Traction Control could be something some of you might find to be very helpful and important. I’m the kind of guy who drives an Axia without ABS so I’d take the Premium X. As always, personal choice.


What is it like to drive?

It’s not the most confident driving experience out there. But then again, you’re not meant to go fast with the Bezza. You’re also not paying that much. It’s a sedan, but very small. Easy to park, easy to drive, it’s just not a sight for sore eyes. And it doesn’t matter that the Bezza isn’t a good-looking car. It’s a tool that gets the job done.


What’s it like on the inside?
It’s enough to feel like a decent purchase. The dash centre could use some improvement. The radio controls could be more touch intuitive and better looking.  By “touch intuitive” I mean more obvious to the touch even when you’re not looking. It’s hard to tell what button you’re pressing when your eyes are on the road. It’s the same thing with the new Myvi and perhaps other Perodua cars. It’s alright for cars with steering audio controls, but the Bezza premium X doesn’t have that. The seats are alright. Good choice of colour. Easy to maintain. 





Public transportation isn’t for all of us. And some of us have careers that require us to travel a lot. Not just within the city. If you don’t need boot space, you can get the Axia. But if you do, the Bezza is a sensible choice. I know, it’s not your dream car. Not even mine. But it works. And it is practical. And if you have lofty ambitions of building a business, being (almost) free from loans, helping your parents settle the mortgage, and at the same time raising children, this might just help you achieve them.


What do you think about this one?

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