Review: 2012 Mercedes-Benz E250 CGI (1.8T) - The 4-Cylinder Grand Tourer

A Grand Tourer’s purpose is to enable you to travel at high speeds for long distance journeys in extreme comfort. It is the four-wheel equivalent of a first-class flight, and you’re the one driving. Is it meant for maximum excitement through twisty bends? No. Is it meant for jaw-dropping acceleration that pushes you back into your seat? No. It is meant to provide luxurious comfort whilst still being behind the wheel (and perhaps with a close companion by your side while you’re at it).

Here’s a shout out to BE Otomobil for lending the car to us for a test drive.


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What do we have here?

This is a Mercedes-Benz E250 Avant Garde Coupe from Japan. It is very common to see Japanese spec vehicles on our shores since the Japs don’t seem to hold on too long on their cars. It is a 2 door E Class from 2012 with a 2+2 seating layout. Powering the rear wheels is Mercedes-Benz’s M271 – a 1.8 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. 4-cylinders may seem natural for a C Class or any compact Japanese Saloon. Surprisingly the turbocharged 4-banger does a decent job hauling around all 1,500 kilograms around of this German creation.


Let’s have a little overview before we go on.

Engine: 1.8 L M271 DE18 LA I4 (Turbocharged)

Maximum Power Output: 201hp @ 5,500rpm

Maximum Torque Output: 310N.m

Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive

Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 MC5 235/45/ZR17 (Front) 255/45/ZR17 (Rear)

0 – 100km/h: 7.4 seconds

Price (2018): ~RM118,800 (used)



The E Class is probably more relatable to Malaysians as a full-sized 4-door saloon. Prior to this angular look of the E class was the famous double round-headlights by Mercedes. This was the look of the E Class from 2009 to 2012.


This Coupe is long, measuring around 4.7 metres in total. The wheelbase is around 2.7 metres and you as the driver, are seated very far from 4 points of the car that touch the ground. The benefit of this? Better comfort. The wheels are of modest size too (17 inches) providing the expected comfort of a Mercedes-Benz Grand Tourer.

The B-Pillars are absent, and the car gives you a spacious feel with all the windows rolled-down. The E250 also has an abundance of airbags (even one for the driver’s knee), keeping you in safe hands in case of any misfortune. The 1.8 litre swept volume of the engine is also an appealing factor since Malaysia’s road tax rate is based on engine swept volume.

What is it like to drive?


The E250 is not meant to be an exciting car to drive. It is meant to take you to your destination in comfort and style. Is the 1.8L M271 underpowered? Well, maximum power output is rated at 201hp @ 5,500rpm. That’s not bad, and it gets really comfortable after you get up to speed. Way better than that CLA180 I tried previously (link to article).



You can adjust the seat to get really low and to me, it really sets the mood for some super long-distance trip across countries. There are 3 memory settings too for both driver and front passenger. Talking about long trips, the E250 has a generously sized 80-litre fuel tank. With an approximate 11.2km/l fuel consumption, you can get almost 900 kilometres on a single full tank. Not bad for a car from 2012.


Things are really snug and quiet on the inside and you can barely hear the loud fan and engine right in front of you. Great sound insulation inside the cabin.


The sports seats offer great support. They even have lumbar support to keep you in the best shape possible after a very long drive. The headrests move up automatically when you adjust the seat backward to accommodate taller drivers. Cool stuff.



Being an E Class, space isn’t really a problem even with only 2 doors available. It’s just that getting in an out of the backseat adds a little bit of hassle to the rear passengers you very occasionally have. Even so, the Coupe comes with side and rear airbags for both rear passengers.





The Coupe offers a little bit of utility


There is the option for you to install a roof rack and the rear seats can be folded flat for some occasional load hauling. The trunk jolts up when released and there is generous space for your luggage for a coupe.


What is Blue Efficiency?


Is Blue Efficiency to Mercedes-Benz similar to what SkyActiv is to Mazda?


Mazda’s SkyActiv has more to do with optimisation of the engine (bore x stroke) and SkyActiv Drive optimises the transmission. (quicker lock-up transition)

Mercedes-Benz’s Blue Efficiency has more to do with reducing the impact of the car on the environment and increasing the car’s efficiency by harvesting energy from braking to the alternator, optimizing battery management, and optimising the rolling resistance.



An energy efficient Coupe Grand Tourer by 2012 standards. Ride comfort is very satisfying and the car didn’t draw much attention (despite it being red, 2-door, and a Mercedes-Benz). Power delivery is smooth but not exciting (as it should be). Had I not known it was a 1.8 turbocharged 4-cylinder, I wouldn’t have been able to tell.


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