21 things the Perodua Axia (E) Manual doesn’t have (Part 1) – 2018 Perodua Axia (E) Manual review

So I bought the cheapest brand new car you could buy in Malaysia right now – The Perodua Axia (E) Manual. 

Why Did I Buy This Little Car?

At RM24,000 the Axia could be a whole year’s worth of salary for some of us, or a month’s worth of salary for those of us who are doing exceptionally well financially. 

For Malaysians, I’ve heard the rule of not buying a car that costs more than your yearly income (before loan interests). 

The Perodua Axia (E) is what the market has to offer to those looking for something really cheap. And it is quite obvious where the cost has been slashed...

Things the Axia (E Manual) Doesn’t Have

Let’s go through these one by one and see if each lacking feature is a ‘Want’ or a ‘Need’. This list was made by mainly comparing the Axia (E) to the Axia (G) which is one step up on the trim level.

The Axia (G) is also a manual but with more features and costs around RM10,000 more.

Fortunately, the Axia (E) comes with dual front airbags, electronic power steering, and all-round power windows. At least we get those.

Let’s see what cost cutting has been done to give the Axia (E) the lowest price tag in the new car segment...

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1. The Axia (E) has No electric side mirrors (They’re not even retractable)

One of the first things you would notice on the outside of the Axia (E) is the lack of a body coloured side mirror. Look even closer and you will realise that it is even more Spartan than a normal manual set of side mirrors. They don’t even have a stalk so you could adjust them from the inside. You have to adjust them manually from the outside.

The mirrors are not retractable. Hence when you’re parked in a tight spot, folding them and unfolding them again would be a bit of a hassle since you have to adjust them all over again. You’re better off not folding them at all, especially the one on the passenger side. Switching drivers (of different height) frequently could also be a hassle.

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Want or Need?

‘Want’, if you’re the only person driving the car. ‘Need’ if it is a car being shared by family members.

2. The Axia (E) Has No Rear Wiper

Hatchbacks or vehicles with flat ends (MPVs, SUVs, vans, & estates) create massive turbulence in the back because of the sudden end in the tail (as opposed to teardrop-ish shapes of inclined ends). This is why you get a lot of water droplets on your rear window even when you’re just driving through a wet road when the rain has stopped.

I don’t know about you, but spray build-up on the rear window certainly obstructs my vision.

I could tolerate the lack of a defogger, because a rear wiper serves the same function of clearing your rear view. The lack of a rear wind screen wiper however, seems like compromising safety over cost, which is something I have to give two thumbs down to.

Want or Need?

‘Need’. Having clear all-around vision is essential for safe driving

3. The Axia (E) has no rear defogger

A rear defogger becomes essential when there is no rear wiper. A defogger is necessary when you drive out super early in the morning. It's necessity can be negated with a rear wiper.

Want or Need?

‘Need’ if you don’t have a rear wiper. ‘Want’ if you already have a rear wiper.

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4. The Axia (E) has no rear spoiler

You’ve probably heard the age-old argument saying front-wheel-drive cars don’t need spoilers. But then again, they do, don’t they? Some say it aids braking and some say the car needs it so that the tail doesn’t get too light. Sound arguments I presume, but we’re not talking about a hot hatch here.

Want or Need?

‘Want’. It isn’t a hot hatch.

5. The Axia (E) Has No Sport Rims

This is the possibly the most important thing to those who like cars

Want or Need?


6. The Axia (E) Has No Front Fog Lamps

One rarely needs fog lights in Malaysia, unless you live on the highlands or frequently drive during early mornings.

Want or Need?

‘Want’ for city folks with normal commute schedule. ‘Need’ for the people on the highlands and people who drive really early in the morning.

7. The Axia (E) Has No Tachometer (Or Rev Counter)


Like older manual cars, the Axia (E) has no tachometer.  I’d appreciate being able to see the RPM so I can spot any irregularities when something is not quite right with my car.

Want or Need?

‘Need’. It is quite essential.

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8. Some digital displays are unavailable in the Axia (E)

You don’t get fuel consumption rates on the digital display. You also don’t get fuel range on the digital display so you’ll just have to guess how far the fuel in the tank can take you.

Want or Need?

‘Need’. Basic information should be standard.

9. The Axia (E) has no parcel shelf


You should be able to store stuff in your car temporarily with minimal worry of your precious equipment being stolen. Saloons make this very convenient because the trunk is a separate compartment from the cabin and is usually well covered. In hatchbacks, the parcel shelf/tonneau cover prevent your stuff from being visible. Well, you don’t get that in the Axia (E).

Want or Need?

‘Need’. For security reasons.

10. The Axia (E) Has No Wireless Door Lock & Alarm. And No Central Locking

The Axia (E)'s keys has no remote function. The car also has no Central Locking. This one’s a bummer if you’re always carrying passengers. You have to unlock each door individually. And don’t forget to lock the trunk, because I have several times.

I think a better option would have been to make the trunk only accessible with the key. That way you’d never forget to lock it.

Want or Need?

‘Need’. This is basic safety.

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That's all for now, more of this in Part 2

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What do you think about this one?

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  • Huong Wk

    14 June 2018

    Does this car has a cigarette that can use to charge phone?

    1 reply

    Arif Chan

    14 June 2018

    Yes it does

  • Pip Bip

    10 January 2019

    can you delete electric windows in the Perodua Axia (E)?

    1 reply

    Arif Chan

    10 January 2019

    No you can't