UPCOMING EVENT: What to Expect at Malaysia Autoshow 2018

We get invited to another press conference this time. This time around it was by Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) to let us know about this month’s Malaysia Autoshow 2018. Last year’s Autoshow happened in November so that’s a pretty short gap.

Why the short gap?

They wanted to bring the event forward to the first half of the year since most Auto Industry events happen in the second half.


Is it going to be cool?

Last year’s Autoshow saw the launch of the Civic Type R but this year we’ll be seeing the re-emergence of an old German car brand by the name of Borgward. Apparently, they’ll be introducing 2 models to the ASEAN region. I think it’s going to be 2 Crossovers.


What’s in for us at the Autoshow?

There’s going to be some free stuff. Mister Tyre is going to be there to offer some free car inspections. I heard they have a portable device that could diagnose the health of your tyres. Sounds interesting. Maybank will be there too to offer some financing. Some demonstrations here and there, food trucks, and some entertainment items. Oh, and you can win a Kia Picanto (main picture)


When is it?

26-29 April 2018




MAEPS Serdang



What are we going to do there?

Perhaps test drive all the cars they have if I can. I’ll be writing short reviews on the cars available at the Autoshow (shorter than our standard car review articles). Of course we’ll also try to make some new friends once we’re there.

We’ve also received some special invitation tickets which we have given out to two of our early readers & supporters of Cars of Malaysia. Aizat & Hazim, please take this as a token of appreciation for your help and support.



Thanks again to Malaysia Automotive Institute for inviting us onboard. See you at the Autoshow.

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