Possibly the Most FC RX7s We’ve Seen in One Place – Speed Fiesta 2017 with Antera Motorsport

We actually headed to Sepang to check out GG Track day but we arrived a little early. So, we decided to check out the paddock area. It turns out there was another event going on in Sepang! And boy, these guys sure knew how to party! Indian music was blasting and there were loads of cars in the paddock area. There was amazing energy in the atmosphere. Probably more energy than the entire 2 days of Motonation 2017 combined, to be honest with you.

What was the event? It was "Speed Fiesta 2017" with Antera Motorsports. We didn’t even have any idea that this event was going on until we turned up. We ended up spending more time here than we did at GG track day. Heck, we didn’t even bother taking pictures of GG track day because we were already exhausted by the time we finished having a looksy at Speed Fiesta.

As mentioned in our previous article (Honda Cult with OAK club Thailand), we don't do event photo coverage. There’s always loads of other social media accounts that are very happy to provide this for you. I also had a wedding to attend in the evening so I couldn’t stay any longer.

What we do instead is share with you what caught our attention. We try to give some commentary here in there to give some context to what was actually going on. Are there any cultural significance that we’d like to highlight? Is there a story we'd like to tell? That's more of our style. We hope you like what we provide you.

This one's quite long and we've got a lot of photos so we've put them into three parts for you. Feel free to jump to each section.

Part 1 - Try Recognizing These Modified Cars

Part 2 - What Caught Our Attention? The Sheer Amount of RX7s in One Place

Part 3 - Having Some Fun Doing Panning Shots

Part 1 - Try Recognizing These Modified Cars

There was a wide range of modified or tuned cars around for us to see. We’ll share what we came across with you. Not all of them were to our liking but at Cars of Malaysia we celebrate all sorts of car culture. We’re here to have fun.

These cars below have had a lot of work done to them. The body kits are probably one off customs and ypu’d probably have a hard time recognizing these cars as they flash you in your rear view mirror. They kind of look like cars that you'd end up with in NFSU2 (Need for Speed Underground 2) because the more stuff you had on your car, the more aesthetic points you would receive. And that meant landing a cover on some fictional magazine in the game universe. 

I can never imagine anybody daily-ing cars like this. The first reason being the lack of practicality and the second reason being the frightul thought of people vandalising your car if parked somewhere unattended. So my guess is these are works of custom and modification workshops to showcase all the things that they are capable of doing in one car. Kind of like a portfolio for each garage/workshop.

Take a guess at what these cars are. I’ve provided the answers in the captions.

 Answer: Proton Waja. This one’s easy.


Answer: Kia Spectra. This was a little tough to figure out. I never expected people to bother with Korean cars from the early 2000s. They aren’t the most reliable things out there


Answer: Proton Iswara Aeroback. Pretty obvious because of the taillights. Need For Speed called. They want their speakers back.


Answer: Proton Satria. With Lambo Doors. 


Answer: Mitsubishi Galant? WRONG. Proton Perdana. You just need to have a look from behind.


There you go.

Answer: Toyota Avanza. Hardcore Liverpool fan right there.

Part 2 - What Caught Our Attention? The Sheer Amount of RX7s in one place.


Now. We got dizzy after spending some time in the paddock area. The music was loud, the sun was glaring, the MC was really hyping up the crowd, and all the bright car colours were distracting us. So we decided to step outside for some fresh air. We had to calm ourselves down from all that hype and recollect our thoughts. 

Then we went back in but in a more zen mode to see if we could find anything special in all that chaos.

And we realised... that there was a really good number of RX7s in the area.

So many that they were spilling out to the parking area that wasn’t getting any attention.

This was like revelation to us. We never expected to see more than 2 RX7s in one area. Let alone 5. Aren’t rotary engines usually unreliable and thirsty? Don’t the seals on the edges of the triangle wear out very easily?

There must be some really great workshop around that actually knows how to deal with rotary engines.

So we took a closer look and noticed some stickers. “RPS Motorsport” and “Speedline Garage”. If I’m not mistaken, RPS was once featured on Speedhunters by Mr. Dino Dalle Carbonare. *looks it up on google* Yup, found it. Here's the link to the article if you're interested.

Here are some FC RX7s for some of you rotary fans who visit Cars of Malaysia…

We really like the colour of this one. Those lights are a very nice touch too. We imagine this would look very nice under street lights on a rainy night.

 Brought to you by Speedline Garage


There was also this bright red FC that did a few rounds on the track. Nicely done. Very clean.

Brought to you by RPS Motorsport


This one looked like something out of Ridge Racer 4 (Lizard Detector if I’m not mistaken). Here’s a screenshot from the game. Most likely the car in the game was inspired by an FC RX7.

 Screenshot from the game. Very similar right?

White FC. Ryosuke Takahashi much?


Blue FC RX7 

Another blue FC. Just more done up




More FCs


Even more FCs. There were more FCs in the area but I just want you to get an idea of just how many of these are out there on Malaysian roads.

There was also a healthy number of FB RX7s around. Here are some for you to see.


A pretty much stock FB RX7. Even the wheels are stock.

Have a look at the classic rotary engine bay and just how little there is to see in a rotary bay basically.

Race car-ish FB RX7. I dig the old-school look of it.


Kind of modernized FB in bright orange

And with the presence of the FB and FC RX7, naturally there would also be FDs.


Nicely done black FD.

 Also brought to you by Speedline Garage

I believe we met at the Velocity Motorshow earlier this year.

Part 3 – Having Some Fun Doing Panning Shots

Although we’re not the best at photography, we love taking photos. So we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a go at some panning shots as the cars went by. The thing about Sepang is the track is huge so fast cars don’t look very fast. At least we find it hard to make them look fast. But the good thing about Sepang is that you could safely walk all around track (there are barriers all over) and be relatively close to the cars as they speed by. So we made sure we had a go. All pictures below are shot with a 50mm fixed lens so you get the idea of how close you could be to the cars.


I used to always want the hawk-eye Impreza. I might still want one.


458 right? I find it hard to differentiate the 458 from the 488


We’ve probably met at S-Chassis Day in USJ


We definitely had a good time in rotary haven. Too good that we were too exhausted to even check out GG track day that was going on later during the day.

Until then

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