Sideways in S Bodies - S Chassis Day 2017

What is the S-Platform?

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The S-platform is a RWD Sports Automobile platform produced by Nissan from model year 1976 to 2002. This includes the S10, S11, S12, S13, S14, S15. The 180SX and 240SX are also part of this huge family. No S10s, S11s, or S12s showed up but we did have chance to come face to face with a cabriolet S13.

Challenging Photography

It was a good day to practice some drift shots. I do think I could have done way better in terms of composition and color. You might notice a very similar background in the pictures (the lush green) This is where we usually take photos for the car reviews. I’m not truly satisfied with the pictures but hey, practice makes perfect right. Thank you to the organizers who allowed me to snap away from the sidelines.

Cars of Malaysia is not an Event Coverage Provider

Cars of Malaysia does not do full event coverage so you won't see all the cars that were present. We only post things that manage to catch our attention. For full event coverage you can always refer to the many automotive event coverage providers in Malaysia. 

We might have snapped a picture of your car at an event. If you'd really like to know if there's a shot of your car, just email us at [email protected] and we'll try to help you out.

Some S Chassis cars

A Cabriolet S13

I was told this is the only cabriolet S13 in Malaysia. Some really rare stuff here.

Big Wings

I hope there's enough downforce here.

And here

Some drift shots

A really beat up drift car

This one came in on a tow truck (presumably not road legal) and was really used and abused just like how drift cars should be treated. It went out, crashed, went out again, and at the end of the day, had trouble starting. 

Non S Chassis cars that showed up

Obviously not an S Chassis

A Classic Supra


A 1993 Honda NSX upgraded witha 6 speed manual transmission

Also had a chance to get to know the owner of this car, Lim, or better known as hayashi86. Follow him on instagram @hayashi86

It was a good day and I believe some guys stayed back to burn even more tires. It rained heavily in the afternoon but I was already at a friend’s brother’s wedding by this time.

Until then.

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