Our 6 Picks from Retro Havoc 2018

Retro Havoc 2018 drew in a good variety of cars and here are our top  picks.

1. A White Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four

Towards the end of the Celica’s life, it became a Front-Wheel-Drive sports coupe that went up against Honda’s Integra. Both sports coupes from Toyota and Honda are no longer in production. But at a point in the Celica’s life, it was a rally car donning the red & green Castrol livery. It also had Four-Wheel-Drive.

I was told by a friend on Instagram that if this was an original ST205 Gt Four, it is one of the only four units that are in Malaysia. Sounds a little too coincidental to me (Four units of the Gt Four) but if that’s the case, that is cool The white O.Z. Wheels and the white paint job does make it look like some sort of prototype rally car.

2. A Nissan Silvia S14 with a ‘Boss’ bodykit

You’ve probably seen the Boss S14 on Instagram but it isn’t a familiar sight in Malaysia. Some of you may already know that this is a Sylvia S14 but to the uninitiated this car can be a little confusing. The “Boss” kit is a Rocket Bunny product which makes the 90s S14 look like a more dated Datsun from the 80s. Take a look from the rear and you will see the S14 taillights.

3. A "Marlboro" Toyota MR2 SW20

This was my second encounter with this car. The first being during Art of Speed 2017 in MAEPS, Serdang. It looks like something straight out of a videogame or something Khyzl Saleem would create in his renders. This was Speedhunter’s pick from the event so I expect to see a feature story soon on speedhunters.com. 

4. Two Saab 900s

This deserves a spot on our list just because it’s not easy taking good care of a Saab. There are no longer anymore OEM Saab parts being manufactured so custom fabrication work can cost a lot of money. What’s interesting about the Saab 900? The bonet opens forward and the 4-cylinder engine is positioned at 45 degrees, making it look like half of a V8.

There is one Saab specialist in Ara Damansara and one more in USJ 1. These are the ones that I know of. One of the shops has even been featured in a Speedhunters article previously.

5. A Nissan GTR R34 V Spec II Nür

The GTR R34 is a rare sight on the road but it has become something you would expect to see at car shows/events. The same goes for Stageas with GTR R34 front ends. What made me turn my head then? The full carbon fibre front end complete with the ultra-light carbon fibre side mirrors.

I was at Retro Havoc during the prep night so I managed to talk with the owner of this GTR. He was patient enough to show me around the R34 and answer all of my questions. It turns out extensive work has been done, including a complete engine swap. A JUN tuned RB26DETT has replaced the original powerplant, capable of delivering up to 1000HP.

The JUN engine was installed by the Japanese JUN staff members themselves (they flew in from Japan and installed the engine at a local workshop). The owner was kind enough to agree for a feature on our website and you’ll have the pleasure of reading a full interview/story on this R34 GTR pretty soon.

FULL STORY: Is This Nissan GT-R R34 V Spec II Nür The Ultimate GTR In Malaysia?

6 “The Joker” Nissan Silvia S15

This is Zamil “The Joker”'s S15 which is a street legal drift car. If you’re wondering why this purple Sylvia is on our list, let’s just say there’s a video of Zamil drifting in this car that went viral and was even shared by “Car Throttle” twice.

This S15 is decorated with a few sponsor decals including Borg Warner (Turbo), Pakelo (Lubricants), and F Tuned (Suspension). Wait for the full story for this one.

FULL STORY: Starting A Drifting Career In Malaysia – Zamil’s Nissan Silvia S15

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