7 Cars Caught Our Attention at a Drift Event (And 6 of Them Didn’t Drift)

This time around we headed to the Go Kart track in USJ to join a new year’s eve event by Touge Drive Team. It was sponsored by Hako Lubricants and Hyo Lubricants. Some other sponsors showed up as well including one capsule hotel business that asked us to like and follow their facebook page.

The main attraction was the drift event and the grid girls but since there were many pro photographers doing their thing already, we’re here to show you what caught our attention. Some are cars displayed at the booths and some are cars that simply showed up to join in on the fun. It was quite a variety of cars that turned up – some we’ve never even seen before. Just a disclaimer before you proceed – We didn’t really pay attention to the drifting.


1. A Porsche 356

First up is this Porsche 356. Probably my first encounter with a 356. I awkwardly asked a guy wearing a Porsche T-shirt if it was his. It wasn’t. No chance of finding the actual owner of this car but it definitely caught our attention in a sea of KE Corollas and Nissan S-Chassis cars. Produced between 1948 and 1965 which simply means it is a bloody old car.

Let’s have a quick look. Engine is out at the back, it is air-cooled, doesn’t have head rests, has only one side mirror on the left, is left hand drive, has 4 seats, and it clearly has some Beetle DNA in it. I probably spent most of my time around this Porsche than any other car that was present that day.

Not much to see here


2. A Ferrari 348 Spider

In an episode of Regular Car Reviews I remember Mr. Regular mentioning that when he drove a Ferrari, people were more interested in who he was than the car he was driving. It is usually the other way around when you drive any other supercar/sports car.

So, who was the gentleman that owns this Ferrari 348 Spider? I’m not gonna tell you his name in respect of his privacy, but he owns a few hotels in Malaysia. See? Ferrari owners usually have these bizarre background stories of success. They also like to wear Ferrari merchandise. 

What about this 348 Spider? It has a 3.4 Liter V8 with a 5-speed manual gear box. The owner said to me that there are only 2 of these in Malaysia. I’m no Ferrari expert, so maybe anyone of you could verify that for us? I asked him our typical Cars of Malaysia question.

“What is it like to drive?”

His answer?

“Everything is manual, even the soft top. It’s like driving a go kart.”

It does look very nice, especially from the rear.



3. A Toyota TE35

Spotting this from afar, the third member of Cars of Malaysia thought it was some Chevy or a Ford. It wasn’t. Even I didn’t know what it was until I asked the dude leaning on the car while texting on his phone. It was a Toyota TE35. A variation of the Corolla from the 70s. Fun fact – a “corolla” is the ring of petals around the central part of a flower. The name was intended to evoke the image of a beautifully styled, eye-catching compact car.



4. A Thunderbolt Inspired Mitsubishi 300GT

Are you familiar with the movie Thunderbolt?

It’s the Jackie Chan movie with cars.

If you haven’t seen it, you better check it out. It’s full of Mitsubishi cars. So this 3000GT has the same decals as the 3000GT in the movie. You might have discovered this car either through the movie Thunderbolt, the game Gran Turismo, or the game Need For Speed Underground 2. How to describe the Mitsubishi 3000GT? It is a 2 door, 4 wheel drive coupe sports car by Mitsubishi. A rather rare combination of words to be honest with you. The 3000 GT or GTO doesn’t have a successor and if it did, it would have to at least give the GTR a run for its money. Then it would be worthy of the name.



5. An Evo-faced Satria

This was the only Proton in the track area. So we have to show it some love. It most probably started out as a basic Satria that later evolved into this Evo III hatchback (if there were any). A lot of work has been done and I believe this Satria is no stranger to the Sepang Circuit or the Pasir Gudang Circuit. If I had a Satria, I’d try to make it look almost as aggressive as this one (but maybe without the Evo front end).



6. A Very Front-Dominant Cefiro. (We also bumped into a celebrity)

The reason this Cefiro caught my attention was the fact that it was so front heavy. It had a very aggressive camber on the front wheels, the exhaust has been moved right behind the front left wheel, and only the front bumper has skirts on it. From behind however, it looks like a very tame stock Cefiro. I just had to take a closer look at this car.

The chap driving this looked very familiar. I remember seeing his face on TV or something. I started a conversation and he was nice enough to introduce himself despite his celebrity status. It was Peter Davis – model, actor (I think), and MMA Fighter. Quite an impressive resume, I must say. And now we shall add amateur drifter to his description. Friendly chap, sounded Australian.

I did comment on his usage of stock wheels on the rear and he explained that they were easier to handle in case anything happened on the track. I also asked what camber he was running on the front wheels. He keeps it at minus 8 so there’s full tyre contact during opposite lock. We also fist-bumped each other so that’s quite an achievement for Cars of Malaysia in 2017.


7. A Really Clean Toyota Corona

This one was really mint so we have to put it here. It looks in way better condition than my 2007 Proton Persona (I will fix it up eventually). 

Some Other Pictures We took

As usual some other cars we saw that we kind of wanna share with you.

Evo 7, 8, or 9? I have a really hard time telling them apart

The usual choice for a drift car

Bufori CS. Looking like a TVR mixed with a little bit of Morgan and a little bit of Bristol.




This was our last event of 2017 so it is quite a good time to sum up our experiences so far. We (Cars of Malaysia) only started to get serious by Q4 2017 and a lot of interesting things have happened. We’ve even moved to carsofmalaysia.com, our very own domain. It was a good way to end the year. On the last day of 2017, we made some new friends, talked to some business tycoons, and fist-bumped a celebrity.

Until then.

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