Is the Myvi GT What We Really Want? (KLIMS2018)

If you were at the 10-day long motorshow, you would have noticed the Myvi GT. If you weren’t there you might have seen pictures of the Myvi GT on Instagram stories, Instagram posts, facebook posts, blog posts, and automotive websites. Did it create the stir it intended? I guess it did. And the car will even be at IAM (International Auto Modified) this weekend at KLCC.

So, is this the car most of us want?

Judging from the response on the internet, it probably is.


What exactly is the Myvi GT?

It’s an idea. A concept as claimed by Perodua. The Myvi GT was a tool to gauge the response from the event attendees.


Does it have performance mods?

Besides the massive 4 pot Brembo brakes, bigger tyres, and a lower ride height, nothing much has been done. The engine is still a 1.5L 2NR-VE with a 4-speed automatic transmission that you find in the standard Myvi 1.5.

 The brakes are 4 pot (front and rear) and don’t look like something realistic for production


Does it have exterior modifications?

Yes. Although subtle, some work has been done to give the normal Myvi a more aggressive look. Let’s look through what has been done. The first thing I noticed was a different front bumper design. Kazuto from Kazuto Garage is guessing that the bumper is made from FRP. It’s custom, but it isn’t impossible to make/replicate.




There some LED Lights and the bumper is dominated by a huge gaping grill with some black and red accents. There shouldn’t be a problem cooling the standard 1.5 L engine like this. With such a grille, the Myvi GT does tease a possible turbocharged engine. There is enough space on that big grille for an intercooler, an oil cooler, and even a brake cooling kit.  But that’s just what is for now – a tease.



The taillights get the Altezza treatment and there seems to be a twin exhaust setup at for the standard 1.5 engine (one of it is a fake exhaust tip as confirmed by Hezeri from The red lines from the front bumper goes all the way to the back. The spoiler is a little different. There’s not much going on but it’s just enough to make the My GT look realistic.







What about the inside?

Just some red accents here and there, the shifter is still the same, and there are no paddle shifters. The steering wheel is from BAK Performance, which makes custom steering wheels for continental brands including Volkswagen. So there’s no surprise that it looks like a VW Golf steering wheel.




The semi bucket seats are by SSCUS, a Malaysian custom seat manufacturer. These are also decorated with red accents to match the rest of the car. It also looks like the dashboard is covered with some anti-glare type of material, if I’m not mistaken.


 The pedals are still the same.





What else is different inside?

Well, you get a sunroof. Something we could consider as a luxury. You also only get 4 seats. Which is a minus, but a plus in making the car look less family friendly (which is something some of us like).





Is this what we really want then?

It looks great. It looks appealing. The young male demographic loves it. If this were to be made, a more appropriate name would be Perodua Myvi GT Line. You have to add the word ‘line’ there just like how the Kia Picanto GT Line is just aesthetic enhancement with some added features. The same goes for the Volkswagen Golf R Line (It is not the same as a Golf R).


Will Perodua make it?

We don’t know. But then let’s say they do make a Myvi GT Line, what would a good price be? The Myvi Advance is already selling at RM54,000. A realistic price would exceed the RM60,000 mark.


Can you make your Myvi look like this?

Yes, you can. The tyres are 205/40R17, the wheels look like BBS F1 wheels, the steering wheel is by BAK Performance, the seats are from SSCUS, the front bumper is a custom FRP bumper, you can get your interior trims sprayed red by an expert, and you could do a rear disc brake conversion to complete the look. You’ll have to get creative but it is definitely possible


What do you think about this one?

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  • Dylan Ch'ng

    06 December 2018

    1. I can finally comment 2. The Myvi GT needs a turbo whether got lag or not.

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