I Drop By a Car Meet and the Crowd was… – 20 Oct ’17 Car Meet by themilitia

Last night I decided to drop by a car meet at the Glenmarie LRT Station just to see what’s it like. I’ve been to car meets previously because I didn’t have anything better to do when I was in Belfast. I just like looking at what other people do to their cars although I keep my 2007 Proton Persona stock. My car didn’t fit in with this crowd. Seriously, check it out. And talking about fitting in, the crowd was a lot younger than I thought it would be. Most of them probably just turned 21.

Just like how a lot of young women give a try at selling fashion items (usually scarves), young car enthusiasts give a try at selling window stickers and decals to fellow enthusiasts. There are a lot of decals being sold around (I guess it is to promote their club or following) and I admire the enterprising spirit. Who knows, they might end up being  great entrepreneurs who do more than just selling decals and scarves.

I did go around snapping some pictures and what you see here is what managed to catch my attention. I’m just gonna post the pictures without commentary  because I’ve got to head off to review another car today.

Until then.

Some cars that caught my attention:

A Tofu shop Viva

A lowered Axia with studs

This Datsun

Some more pictures...

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