The Proton X70 Might Just Make it (KLIMS 2018)

We’ve seen Proton try a lot of times with new models in various body styles. The Tiara, Savvy, Juara, and Arena are proof of Proton’s willingness to at least give it a shot in something new. They were daring, but they didn’t really work. It takes a few tries until you get something right. Now, the X70 hasn’t been officially launched (It will be soon on 12 December 2018) but we can already check it out at KLIMS 2018. The car works and what you see is what you will get if you ordered an X70 for yourself.

I spent some time checking the car out, and so far, (without driving it) it looks alright. We’ll have to arrange for a test drive to give proper insight on the X70.


What engine does it have?

It has a 1.8L Turbocharged in-line 4. There is only 1 engine option. How good is it? We’ll have to try it first.

What transmission does it have?

A 6-speed automatic with Tiptronic.

The engine bay is mostly covered, like most premium models. Is there a point? Not really, no. But it is good presentation and some people like that. The car is in the RM100k region so it’s nice to see things done this way with the X70.


The seats are big and comfortable. There’s a lot of lateral support going on. The driver seat is electronically adjustable (for premium and executive, I believe). No memory seats, but you do get adjustable lumbar support in the premium.


The front end does look a bit like a Suprima, Preve, or even a Waja. It isn’t too bold, and it doesn’t have complex designs like most modern family crossovers. I think it works.


From the back it does look a bit tall. The tailgate is also quite tall (again, reminding me of the Haval H2). The X70 is a family crossover and goes up against the likes of the CR-V, CX-5, and even the Haval H2. We’ll see how things fair for the new Proton.


What’s unique on the inside?

The centre console has these grip handles going on. The centre console also takes up a significant amount of space so the dash centre is just some air-conditioner vents and a touchscreen infotainment system. The gear lever feels alright and looks alright.


Tyres are 225/55/R19 and the sales rep informed me that the X70 will be sold with a set of Continental tyres. Brakes are all-around discs. Even for the base spec X70, you still get alloy wheels. The X70 does have an All-Wheel-Drive version but that’s only for the Executive model. The Premium X70 only comes with front-wheel-drive. This is an urban family crossover.


Overall, the inside feels like an upgrade from the current Proton line-up. It is quite well done. Some of the plastics aren’t the best, but it still feels way better than say, a current Proton Iriz. You get speakers by Kenwood, Voice Command, and a massive sunroof. It’s an interesting package considering the estimated price of the X70. The voice command only works with English for the time being.


Massive sunroof of the X70




Overall, I feel the X70 has a high chance of success in the market (so far). Families use crossovers these days and the generous dimensions of crossovers makes the commute comfortable for everyone. Hauling things is also not an issue. It won’t be long until we know the price of the X70. If Proton nails it with the price, 2019 might just be Proton’s year.


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