Taking A Closer Look at the Perodua X Concept - Hints on Hybrid and Semi Autonomous Vehicles

KLIMS 2018 had only one concept car for all of us to gawk at and it was the Perodua X Concept. There were other interesting things to look at and we’ll go over those things in the next few posts. Social media has been bombarded with images of the Myvi GT, Proton X70, and the X Concept.

Concept cars are concepts and are a far cry from actual production cars. The X Concept didn’t even have an engine. What the X concept could tell us is the possible design direction of Perodua cars. I’m no big fan of design, but it is an interesting subject matter.

Some say it looks like a Lexus, some say it looks like a DS, or some other car brand. I think it looks alright.

Let’s take a closer look.


It is a hatchback. It isn’t big enough to be a crossover. The tyres on the X Concept are 215/40/R18 but the wheel wells aren’t massive. I asked a Perodua representative on Perodua’s future plans on the power plant, and he could only hint on a hybrid or another ICE. There are no plans for fully electric cars in the near future of Perodua cars.


The brakes are either hidden or non-existent. Not a matter of concern for the time being. The dimensions are very Myvi like, but that’s not the important thing here. It is just a demonstration in design. Like most concepts, the Myvi flaunts suicide doors for the rear passengers. We couldn’t step inside the car. Although sleek, there’s nothing bizarre about the X Concept on the inside. There is a massive iPad (like a Tesla), and the steering wheel isn’t round (I believe it’s a heptagon). The steering wheel does have a flat bottom like most premium car models these days.


Styling cues from the outside flow into the interior. That is nice, but not something new. Controls are mainly by touch, including the power window controls and just about everything on the center console. The main infotainment unit is a massive screen which will remind you of a Tesla Model S. The gauge cluster is meant to be digital and overall the interior of the X Concept is futuristic just like how a concept car should be.


The front row seats are black while the rear passenger seats are white.


According to the representative, the black front seats give a sleeker and more dynamic look for the cockpit. The bright coloured seats in the back make it feel more spacious for the passenger. It doesn’t look like something that would make it into production, but who knows. Ordering different colour fabrics for a car assembly line is a bit unusual.


The X Concept lacks a B-Pillar and that does allow you to get a better view of the interior. There still is a huge piece between the front and rear windows so the missing B-Pillar doesn’t make the car feel more spacious on the inside. There are no seat belts, so the design (suicide doors and no B-Pillar) is something to be taken with a grain of salt.


Like the rotary design elements in the Mazda RX8, the ‘X’ design element is seen almost everywhere on the car including the pedals. Nothing interesting in the foot pedal area besides that.

Any hints of fancy tech stuff?

Well, it does come with a side view camera. Perodua also hints at some semi-autonomous features that might be available in future Perodua models. No electric cars in plan, but maybe a hybrid.


Oh, and the ‘X’ design element may be implemented on the upcoming Perodua SUV (Toyota Rush).




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