8 Cars that Caught Our Attention – Honda Cult with OAK Club Thailand

After attending several car meets around us, we (Cars of Malaysia) learned that there are many Instagram accounts and Facebook pages dedicated to providing event coverage for car meets, events, and track days. Some dedicate their effort to selling stickers and some even dedicate themselves to spotting cars only. We admire their dedication to provide such content and service for those of you who are very involved in the Malaysian Car Scene.

With that fact in mind, we invite you to visit the social media accounts of these event coverage providers for a rich gallery of images from car events. Some of them even make really good videos.

So we take this opportunity to show you only the cars that managed to catch our attention on Cars of Malaysia - Cars that you don’t normally see on the road and cars with interesting backstories. We discover and learn new things about cars and the auto industry almost everyday and would love to share this with you.

This was the 2nd event we attended this year that was held at the SS15 multilevel car park in Subang Jaya.  It is a very convenient location for car events since it is usually virtually empty. There is good light and you have really nice rooftop to take pictures at. This time it was a Honda Meet with OAK Club from Thailand. Mcclubz (an automotive lifestyle brand) was there too and had a booth set up with some merchandise for sale.

We went around the parking lot to see if anything could catch our attention. Here is what we have for you…

1. A Red Honda NSX

This one was kind of a déjà vu moment for me since I’ve been in this car at a local car dealership. I do some photography and advertising for some car dealers and was very sure that I’ve met this car in person before. It is an automatic NSX from 1991 and has this really big screen in the middle of the dash labelled the Honda Navigation system. I’m not such a fan of the wheels on this NSX. The engine is in the middle and that’s a well-known fact. The cockpit is pretty fun place to be in – it even has air cond vents on the door.

2. A Spoon Inspired NSX

My first encounter with this car was at Motonation 2017. My only memory of Motonation 2017 was the promotional video with some Audi and some generic electro music going on in the background. This is a Spoon inspired NSX and even has a massive scoop above the roof to let air flow in to the engine. I looked at the scoop and realised there was some twisty hose action going between the scoop and the engine intake. I’m not sure if it really helps. Cool car nonetheless.



3. Some Honda S660s

The S660 is a Kei Car with a 660cc engine. Kind of like a successor to the Honda Beat. They aren’t officially sold by Honda in Malaysia but you could look for deals from recond car sellers. 660cc is basically Perodua Viva Territory. It would be interesting to compare a Viva and a S660 side by side despite the staggering price difference.

4. A Prelude Made to Look Like a Testarossa

The place was filled with Civic FDs and CRZs so we had to look a bit harder for something to catch our attention. This is a 3rd Generation Honda Prelude. But it has been DIYed to look like a Ferrari Testarossa. It definitely doesn’t have the best paint job or the best body kit, but it certainly caught our attention. We could go all day long nit-picking this build, and I certainly wouldn’t daily a car a like this but I’ll give kudos on the effort it took to put this together.

5. A Spoon Inspired Del Sol CRX


Aside from the Spoon livery NSX, there were Spoon Accords, Civics, Jazz, and Preludes. You could basically make a Spoon racing team with the cars that were there. But we’ll just show you this Del Sol CRX because it looks like such a fun tiny car to have. It even has a targa top. Maybe this would be great to drive up Genting.


6. A Third Generation (EC) Honda Civic


We feature this car because this Civic reminds us of the humble beginnings of the Civic name. The Civic started out as an affordable hatchback. Hence the reason why it became so popular. As time went by the Civic became bigger and more expensive. Ultimately being less accessible to the youth. It seems like Honda is just riding on people’s nostalgia of the Civic name and making the new ones so ridiculously expensive these days. It definitely isn’t the humble hatchback it used to be.


7. A 1st Generation Honda CRX

The Honda CRX is basically a Coupe Hatchback Civic. Just compare this CRX with the Civic above it. This is the first generation CRX which is basically a third generation Civic. You’re probably more familiar with the second generation CRX which is based on the 4th generation Civic.



8. A Honda S2000


There was only one S2000 at the meet so here it is on our list. The S2000 is neither in production anymore nor does it have a successor.


Consolation Winners by Cars of Malaysia

 Euro Civic


USDM Integra

Non-Honda Cars That Showed Up


Not the most reliable car on earth


Nissan Cedric?


Kelisa with a massive hood scoop

Did you see anything that was more interesting at the Honda Meet? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until then

What do you think about this one?

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