Unusual Cars at Asia GT Festival 2019

Since F1 left Malaysia in 2018, the average person would not expect much use of our grand 5.5-kilometre track in Sepang. On the contrary, the Sepang International Circuit has been utilised for various international and local motorsports events even after the unfortunate announcement in April 2017. Of course, it is very difficult to rival the crowd and media attention that F1 brings in. Hence, we were rather impressed by Berita Harian’s optimism when they headlined with Festival GT Asia Ganti F1 di Sepang, announcing the event.


How was the event? We think it was great. There was a futuristic electric car from NIO, a haven of food trucks, some participation from local brands and dealers, government bodies, Bufori, local celebrities, and car clubs. Prime Minister Tun Mahathir was present and he rode the NIO EP9 with Malaysian racing driver, Jazeman Jaafar behind the wheel. Undoubtedly the EP9 was the most unusual car at the event. We’ve talked about it in another other article here.


Prime Minister Tun Mahathir preparing for a ride in the  NIO EP9 with Jazeman Jaafar behind the wheel. 

So, most of us were there for the sheer festivity of it all. Big races like this are basically a social event.

What is GT Racing?

It is basically production sports car racing.



There are many classes in GT racing and during the Asia GT Festival, there was the GT4, GT3, GTC, and GTM, with GT4 being the slowest category. The whole GT racing classes can be quite complicated to understand but not very complicated to enjoy. It is after all, a bunch of cars racing each other.



What kind of cars were racing?

Sports cars. The AMG GTR, 911 GT3, Huracan, and M6 were popular choices among the racing teams. Malaysian driver Jazeman Jaafar was driving an AMG GTR with Team Craft Bamboo racing.

All cars that we’ve probably seen on the road or at least in some luxury recond car showroom in Malaysia. We’ve at least heard about these brands so they are not an unusual site when you’re a spectator at the grand stand.

What’s not a usual sight are the following cars. Despite not managing to be the fastest, these cars at least managed to make us scratch our heads to figure out what they were. So, here’s three of them with a little bit of specifications…




Produced by the famous motorcycle brand, KTM, the X-BOW GT4 is a “Ready to Race” Austrian mid-engine sports car that weighs less than 1,000 kilograms.

Engine: 2-Litre TFSI 16-valve DOHC (Audi)

Transmission: 6-speed sequential (Holinger)

Drivetrain: Mid-Engine, Rear-wheel-drive

Curb Weight: 975kg




2. Radical RXC GT3

Radical is a British brand founded in 1997 with less than 300 employees. Weighing slightly over 1000 kilograms, the RXC GT3 is powered by a twin turbocharged V6 by Ford (ecoboost).


Engine: 3.5-Litre EcoBoost V6 Twin Turbocharged (Ford)

Transmission: 6-speed sequential (Quaife)

Drivetrain: Mid-Engine, Rear-wheel-drive

Curb Weight: 1170kg


3. Ginetta G55

Also from the United Kingdom, Ginetta also makes sports cars and race cars only. The G55 has been around since 2011


Engine: Ginetta Racing 4.35-Litre V8

Transmission: 6-speed sequential (Hewland)

Drivetrain: Front-Engine, Rear-wheel-drive

Curb Weight: 1100kg

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