We Check Out Old Italian Cars – Event by AROC Malaysia

AROC – Alfa Romeo Owners Club

On Cars of Malaysia we try to share with you various types of cars from the wide range of car enthusiasts all around us. It would be great to see JDM enthusiasts, classic car enthusiasts, supercar enthusiasts, and q car enthusiasts sharing their passion for cars on Cars of Malaysia. If attending the meet by the Militia in Glenmarie made me feel a little old, this time I felt like a new born baby. The majority of the crowd would probably be the same age as my dad (or Granddad if he was still alive). We made a last minute decision to check this out just because we saw the event poster going around on Instagram. The event did seem exclusive but since we drove so far we just started going around taking pictures anyway. After a smile and a nod with the security, we took out our camera and started shooting around. Nobody seemed to mind so we didn’t stop. If you are a member of the AROC reading this, thank you for letting us be around and take some pictures of these cars. We hope you like the pictures.

The Event (as in the poster) is called “Italian Classic Marques Concours Melaka” organised by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) Malaysia. So the turn up was mostly Alfas, there were some Fiats, and a Ferrari. My favourite would be the Alfa Romeo GT1600 Junior, and the 155. It would have been more awesome if a DTM 155 showed up but the closest thing to that was a 155 with DTM inspired livery. Lovely cars, nonetheless and cheers to AROC Malaysia for the event. Enjoy the pictures.

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