Make: Mercedes Benz

Model: W123 230 TE

Year: 1985

Engine: 2.3L M102 Inline-4

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic

Location: Ipoh

PRICE: RM55,000


The W123 230 TE

Estate cars are hard to come by in Malaysia. So, you can imagine just how much of a rarity this is – it’s a classic Mercedes and it’s an estate. In comparison to the W123’s predecessor (the W114), the W123 is more advanced in terms of safety. Passenger safety was a key selling point when the W123 was launched. The car is equipped with a super strong passenger cell, side impact bars, crumple zones, head rests, and a collapsible steering column. Servo assisted disc brakes were also standard on all W123s. The car was a leader in automobile safety in 1985.

This isn’t a fast car, but it you’re shopping for classics, speed isn’t exactly on the top of your priority list. The W123 is well built, it is very comfortable, and it is easy to drive thanks to an automatic gearbox and hydraulic power steering. If you want to cruise, enjoy your classic car, and have a little bit of utility thrown in, the Mercedes W123 230 TE is exactly what you’re looking for.


The session with this car was spontaneous yet the car was in immaculate condition. The colour is a beautiful dark brown shade with hub caps to match. With the W123, you get the iconic, serious looking, no frills, front end. What will distinguish you from other classic Mercedes owners is the estate body style. 

Push the keyhole to release the tailgate. Open it and you will see a spare tyre compartment on your left-hand side, and right in front of you are 2 more passenger seats so you can invite more people to enjoy the car with you. The last row of seats can be stowed away to give you ample boot space when you need it. All seats are covered in fabric trims and are equipped with head rests for improved safety.

It’s a good balance of classic, driveability, space, uniqueness, and reliability. If you have a soft spot for classic cars and estates, this is the overlapping area on the Venn Diagram.

Engine and Transmission

What we have here is a 2.3L M102.980 Engine. It’s an inline-4 cylinder engine that drives the rear wheels. The engine utilises fuel injection which is denoted by the ‘E’ in 230 TE. The ‘E’ stands for Einspritzung (fuel injection). Fresh from the factory, the M102.980 was producing a maximum power output of 136hp. It does have an automatic gearbox with 4-speeds so you can cruise effortlessly in this classic Mercedes.


The interior is clean and well kept. It’s a comfortable interior even by today’s standards. The doors and the hood might be described as over-engineered by some – they’re rock solid and have little bit of weight on them. And they provide an assurance of your safety in the event of a misfortune. On the right side of the steering wheel is the mechanical hand-brake. You pull this to engage the brakes. To release the parking brake, simply twist to the right and release. The automatic gear shifter utilises the ‘gated’ shifter design which is no longer present in modern day Mercedes cars.


This car is sold by a private owner. If you have any questions or would like to make an offer, drop us a message.

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